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Country – Ukraine
City – Kriviy Rig, Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa
Genre – Pop, Rock, Rock’n’roll


Male vocals
Female vocals
Electric guitar
Bass guitar




City Style is an energetic Coverband that knows how to rock the party. Focus on crowd participation, Choreography and non-stop energy.
To the current date, City Style has had the work experience in a multitude of nightclubs, open-air, restaurants, weddings and countless events qualifying us as experts in show business of carrying out the highest level of: entertainment, professionalism and fun.
City Style easily provides the widest variety of music and depending on the venue can play everything.
City Style plays music from every generation including today’s hits. They perform everything from classic rock, 80’s retro, dance, pop, funk, R&B, disco, top 40 and oldies. The band plays what you and the crowd want to hear. City Style likes to mix it up so that everyone has a good time.

Regardless of the setting, we’ll make your night an event all your friends will be talking about.