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Country – Ukraine
City – Dnipro
Genre – Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Contry, Rock’n’roll, Various cover version of songs from different eras: from 50s of 20th century to the latest pop- and rock-novelty


Electric guitar/vocal
Electric guitar

Bass guitar




“Red Wolf” — veterans of the Dnipro scene, a powerful, large and expressive team of experienced and technical musicians. On stage under this name for about fifteen years. The group gathered back
as a quartet in 1998 from the wreckage of several Dnepr collectives.
In the mid-2000s, the group was related to the Dnipro Wolves hockey club, the colors of which were “red” and “black-red”, from which the name “Red Wolf” was born. The guys often used hockey shirts and helmets on stage, which, of course, interfered with themselves, but made an unusual impression in a compartment with driving musical material and expressive performance. So began the “Wolves”, which eventually matured and swelled up to a sextet, and in this form they successfully exist now.
The group has a diverse author’s program in different languages ​​and a program of world hits — from rock and roll classics to the latest fashionable novelties. Red Wolf — regular participants in various music festivals, often perform together with the stars of the modern stage. In 2016, the group became the Artist of the Year according to the ARTIS Art Achievement Award. In 2017, Red Wolf became the “Group of the Year” according to the “KS” award.
The group recorded two albums of copyright music, the release of one of which is expected in the near future. In the late 2000s, the songs “Game Over” and “Over Again” for some time were in hot rotation on radio stations of the countries of the former CIS.
The group is:
Vyacheslav Nikulkin — guitar / vocals
Evgen Doroshenko — bass
Anton Purtzeladze — keys / vocals
Anton Makovetsky — guitar
Andrey Kulein — drums
Den Heyfets — vocals